Xamarin Mobile Applications

With the rate at which technology is progressing every day, new handheld devices are making it into the market, thus increasing the need to support them. One of the goals for any business trying to reach out to its customers via mobile applications, is to ensure maximum coverage. With the different types of devices to support (iOS, Android, Windows), developing mobile applications, while keeping the costs low, has become ever so challenging. With our expertise in Xamarin, a cross platform development tool that can minimize the development costs, while being able to render mobile apps to multiple devices, we are fully capable of meeting this business objective.

Why use Xamarin?

  • Develop native mobile applications, rendered with native performance.
  • Majority of the application code can be developed and shared across mobile development platforms.
  • Overall lower costs through reusability and maintainability of code.

Our Xamarin certified and experienced engineers can help you transition smoothly into the mobile application segment.

Connex Engagement Approach

  • Fixed-scope and dedicated team models
  • White- label option for clients of digital agencies
  • Real-time design mockups, quick prototyping
  • Proof of concept (including for fund raising purposes)
  • Focus in usability, rigorous QA
  • Agile development methodology
  • On-site/off-site approach for optimal communications

Mobile Platforms