Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a relatively novel software development concept in which services and storage are provided over the Internet (or "cloud”). This enables businesses to avoid significant capital expenditure on infrastructure and software development services while increasing flexibility and improving efficiency.

Before you make your move to the cloud, you need an expert who can help you answer questions like: What does and doesn’t belong in the cloud? How will the cloud mesh with my HTML5, mobility and social networking strategy? What kind of ROI can I expect from my cloud investment?

Mapping a Secure and Productive Path to the Cloud

Our cloud-computing experts assess your technology portfolio to help you determine which assets belong in the cloud, and which don’t. We then use our expertise in application and systems integration, enterprise mobility, and business analytics to help you:

  • Identify opportunities and benefits of cloud migration
  • Compute ROI for migrating existing applications to the cloud
  • Prioritize and determine project scope for new and migrated applications
  • Develop a migration strategy that aligns with your current and future needs
  • Maintain the data security and compliance your IT organization demands

Delivering the Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Some solution components can’t be moved to the cloud because of security and an assortment of restrictions. Other components can be easily migrated to maximize the cloud’s full benefit. Connex can help you build hybrid solutions that combine the cost-saving advantages of the cloud with the security and control of on-premise implementations.

Providing Superior Cloud Services and Support

When you’re ready to make the move, Connex has the experience, tools, templates and libraries to reduce risk and accelerate the successful execution of your cloud migration strategy. We also offer managed services, data hosting, training and support to keep your business systems running smoothly, allowing your skilled IT professionals to focus on other strategic initiatives.


  • Windows Azure
  • Amazon EC2
  • Salesforce