Software Development

At Connex, we solve business challenges using enterprise-level custom software development solutions. Our end-to-end software development services include expert strategic technology consulting and development all the way through to launch and production support. With over 10 years of experience with a wide array of happy clients, Connex has a fine-tuned, right-sized approach that is tailored to help you meet your business goals with style while mitigating risk.

Who becomes Connex's client for Custom Application Development?

We work with smart, highly sophisticated global companies that recognize the need for a skilled partner to build custom solutions that generate high returns with little risk.

We help organizations that demand quality, proven domain expertise and integrity from the vendors they work.

We’re engaged by firms looking for senior, highly skilled application development resources with the best price-to-performance.

We work with complex businesses that are looking to trim expenses, bring new and re-engineered products to market faster and have direct access to premium professional resources, on and offshore.

What do clients gain by working with Connex?

Game-Changing Applications: the right technology, delivered, to solve clients’ biggest business challenges.

No matter what application needs to be developed, our clients can always count on us for:

Fast Time to Market

A proven team that uses top-notch management methodologies to keep projects on time, helping customers to get innovative solutions in deployment faster.

Connex clients benefit from the firm’s unique delivery model that focuses on building smaller, more efficient teams of senior-level resources with domain and functional expertise embedded.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Done right, an outsourced application development will always be more cost-effective. And we know the impact of time and resources on productivity and profit.

Connex provides clients with services and skills on par with those found in the U.S. and UK, but at a fraction of the cost.

Peace of Mind

Finally, here is an application development outsourcer who gets it, who delivers what they say they’ll deliver, who views their role as an equal partner with insights and valuable opinions, and who works hand-in-hand with customers to get it done right.

The high degree of expertise and specialization Connex brings to the table enables the firm to offer clients services from idea to production, managed in a fully transparent and candid manner.

Connex clients receive superior service and full commitment from the project team


  • Microsoft .Net
  • MS SharePoint
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • Mobile
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby