Health care

The entire health industry is under ever-increasing scrutiny from consumers, competition, and regulators. Rapidly rising costs and mandates for affordable healthcare are squeezing profits and creating an uncertain future for many enterprises. Health industry leaders are turning to technology to meet some very difficult challenges.

A Competitive Advantage

Clients like Xerox, United Health Group, Boston Medical, MyCoreCash have turned to Connex as an industry-recognized leader in providing technology consulting services and products. We were a very early player in the development of cloud, big data and mobile solutions. Our healthcare clients gain a competitive advantage from our expertise in leveraging emerging technologies to deliver impactful business results.

A Successful History in Healthcare and Compliance

Some of Connex’s earliest successes were in the healthcare industry and in response to unprecedented regulatory compliance requirements. Our resources worked with Xerox in building the Health Insurance Exchange for Nevada. completely automated system, PRIME to support United Health Group customers from initial quote to final sale and throughout the life of the Health Insurance Plan

We have a long history of providing healthcare solutions that address key business areas such as internal collaboration, regulatory compliance, application integration, and customer relationship management. Each of our solutions is backed by real-world experience, business-driven results and a strong understanding of leading edge technology.

Connex’s healthcare solutions are designed to help you take advantage of the latest innovations in technology to keep your healthcare business on the path to profitability and compliance

Take the Next Step

Schedule an assessment of your current systems, processes and applications, to find out how Connex can help you map out a long-term strategy that will

  • Reduce costs and increase flexibility by migrating to the cloud
  • Enable self-service analytics by harnessing big data
  • Increase productivity and market reach with mobile solutions
  • Improve loyalty and sales through better CRM
  • Foster secure enterprise collaboration with a HIPAA-compliant network